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Terms of sale

Delivery time varies depending on the multitude and the kind of chosen categories. Usually Ex-Factory delivery takes from four to six weeks from the day that a client confirms an order.

Orders won't be shipped until the full payment is made.

The prices on our website are in € (Euro) and that is the only currency that we accept. The option of a currency change on our website is just an indicator utility to help the buyers and we can't guarantee its accuracy.

Online prices don't include tax and transportation costs.

The transportation method (Carrier, time, costs etc.) for every order is the buyers choice and responsibility and should be discussed separately every time.

With the confirmation of an order, the buyer confirms the acceptance of our 'terms of sale'. There is no obligation to a purchase if our Company didn't send a confirmation to the buyer. Our offers are without commitment. Some deviations and technical changes comparing to our pictures and descriptions are possible.

For orders over 300 euro, 30% payment in advance of production is required. For orders over 1000 euro, 50% payment in advance of production is required.

General Information

Our company does not copy any designs from other producers or designers.

When a buyer wishes us to produce a product of his own design he has to confirm that he has the rights or that it is free and that is the buyers responsibility and not ours.

Special requested products that are produced for clients are not to be shown on our website and we don't produce them for others. Those are considered to be exclusively made for each client who requested them. That can only change if each client gives such a permission to us.

The time needed to design, modeling and making the first samples usually takes over one month.

New prices are usually issued at the start of each year. This excludes 24K gold plated products that are directly affected from the price of gold itself.

Special packing and coding is available on extra charge after agreement.

Basic Techniques

- Enamel glazed.

- Raku enamel glazed.

- Beads with gold smears.

- Motives placed on glazed beads.

- Hand painted beads.

- Metal Plated ceramic beads galvanized with pure gold and silver or other metal covers with the help of nickel free technology.


The raw materials we use are made in Europe and under EU regulations.
We categorize our products according to the casting differences and the different final appearance between them.
There are 22 different categories of casting method and final product aesthetics. Here is a link to the related board.
Every style has its own code and if the information is available you may see the size of the hole under it.
Our online pictures and printed catalogs are showing our products in real size 1:1 supposing that you have proper settings on your computer. Since we are referring to handmade products, there are chances from one delivery to another to have small deviations in sizes.
It is not possible to produce all our available styles in every category. Next to every style are written the available categories. Next to each category there is a square. When the square is black it means that style is available in that category. When the box is white it is possible to make it but we will need to discus finishing colors and quantities with the buyer.

In our colorist each category has a certain variety of colors and each one has its code number. From one production batch to another colors and metal plated can have up to 15% tone difference. Therefore we suggest you that you order the complete quantity that interests in one order.

The prices are shaped in different levels according the costs for each crafting category. Therefore each category itself is also a pricing category. Special orders of ceramics in unavailable categories or colors that are possible to make are charged extra and have to match a minimum quantity after a special agreement. Different holes, sizes or colors in ceramics are possible to be made for proper quantities after an agreement. Special designed styles and samples are charged extra after an agreement. The precise cost per piece of such products can only be defined once the first sample is produced. Completely different styles than those we produce have to be requested with a sample or an accurate design of all aspects.

Keramos products are basically handmade and of natural raw materials. For relative reasons sometimes there might be styles or colors that will need more time than usual or not be available at all for a while. Help our efforts to serve you the best possible by sending us your order in time.

Ceramics are made from five kinds of clay using over fifteen techniques for each category. Our production in Keramos unites the traditional techniques with modern innovations and handmade production with new technologies.

Metal Based Products

The raw materials we use are made in Europe and under EU regulations.
We categorize metal based products depending on the crafting process to Metal castings, Tin and Glazed.
We have a huge selection of available finishing colors.
It is not possible to make all the styles in every category or color.
Every style has a board next to it that shows the available categories and finishing colors.
Special orders of metal based beads in other categories or colors than those produced are possible and it is charged extra with a proper minimum quantity after agreement.
Different hole, size or color is also possible for a proper quantity after agreement.
Special designs and samples are charged extra after agreement.
The precise cost per piece of such products can only be announced once the actual first sample is produced.
Completely different styles than those we produce have to be requested with a sample or an accurate design of all aspects.


How to make an order
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GREEK BEAD Ltd. produces ceramic and metal beads, accessories, knobs and buttons.
Established in 1974, the company is the biggest and the oldest in this sector in Europe with two workshops - in Greece and Bulgaria.Its products - beads, knobs and buttons of clay, raku, Egyptian clay, porcelain, tsam and tin are exported to more then 32 countries.
Studio Symbol is a design studio, which creates and explores the Mediterranean and European culture, according to tradition, quality and ecology requirements.